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Unlock your ultimate Welcome aboard offer

Embark on a rewarding journey with TBO Earn up to USD 0 in rewards on your first 0 hotel bookings*.

Earn Gift

Earn reward points worth
USD 0!


Note: You can earn reward points on the consumption of your hotel bookings

How to earn new user gratification
reward points

Login and accumulate USD 0 worth reward points

Make first booking within 25 days

Acquire reward points when bookings get consumed

Spend reward points however you like

What to do with your reward points? It’s Simple.

Shop till you drop

Redeem your rewards to buy gifts and vouchers of your choice.

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graphic Save Price

Save on future bookings

Use your reward points to discount future bookings by adding them to your Available Limit or TBO Wallet

People love our rewards program

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Booking Experience Seamless and Rewarding


TBO's Welcome Aboard Offer made my travel booking experience seamless and rewarding. With easy-to-earn rewards and a convenient redemption process, I highly recommend TBO for every traveler.

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Vouchers for Personal Care


I am thrilled to share my experience with TBO's Welcome Aboard offer! Thanks to this incredible opportunity, I earned 0 USD worth of reward points on my first 10 hotel bookings. I recently redeemed those points to purchase vouchers for personal care at Lulu and Carrefour, and it was a breeze. Kudos to TBO for such a fantastic program!

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Amazing Opportunity


The TBO Welcome aboard offer was an amazing opportunity for me as a travel agent. I was able to earn 0 USD worth of reward points on my first 10 hotel bookings, which is fantastic!