Earn & Redeem Seamlessly
Introducing TBO+ our ALL NEW Distinctive Booker Rewards Program,
enabling you to earn and redeem reward points seamlessly with many local
lifestyle and travel options through an online website linked to your TBO
Rewards Summary. Our four tiers ensure that the more you book, the more you earn through each tier.

Loyalty Program | Redeem Reward Points | Exclusive Benefits

Enrollment to TBO+ is automatic and FREE! Tiers are decided based on your booking volume on TBO
Win 2X rewards on every
Win up-to 3X
Reward points
Win up-to 4X
Reward points
Win up-to 5X
Reward points
Upgrade Your Tiers: Move to Gold: Sales >$6000, Platinum: Sales >$12000 & All Star: Sales >$25000
Benefits of TBO+
Book & win reward points
Win additional reward points on high value transactions
Earn more rewards as you move up the tiers
Hundreds of lifestyle & thousands of travel redemption options available
*Tier benefits are currently applicable to hotel bookings only. Tiers will be upgraded at the end of each calendar month.
Refer the FAQs below for more details

General FAQs

TBO+ Overview

What is TBO Plus Program? keyboard_arrow_down

TBO Plus Program is a comprehensive rewards program designed exclusively for you our booker partners. The program will make your booking experience delightful and allow you to earn reward points for each transaction on TBO Holidays. You may then redeem these reward to procure a wide variety of lifestyle and travel products.

As an extension of your TBO holidays account, you are automatically enrolled to this loyalty program & the enrolment is completely FREE!!!

TBO Plus program provides membership across 4 tiers – Silver, Gold, Platinum and All Star, each providing increasing benefits. You can get promoted to higher level based on your booking activity across a calendar year.

As you move up the tiers, you will earn more reward points for each booking, as illustrated below:

TBO Plus

Additionally, TBO Plus program will continue to provide more exclusive perks for all tiers through various promotions.

How will I get enrolled to the TBO Plus Program? keyboard_arrow_up

Do I need to log-in separately on TBO Plus Program website? keyboard_arrow_up

TBO+ Tiers

What are the tiers in the TBO+ program? keyboard_arrow_up

I currently see myself as a “Silver” Or a “Platinum” Booker. How did TBO determine my Tier Level? keyboard_arrow_up

How do I move up a tier e.g. From “Gold” to “Platinum”? keyboard_arrow_up

Earning Rewards points

How do I earn reward points? keyboard_arrow_up

Do I earn points if I pay by credit card or credit limit? keyboard_arrow_up

Is this a cash back program? keyboard_arrow_up

What is the difference between acquired and accumulated points? keyboard_arrow_up

What is the validity of my TBO Plus Reward points? keyboard_arrow_up

Redeeming Reward Points

How do I redeem TBO Plus reward Points? keyboard_arrow_up

When can I start redeeming my TBO Plus reward points? keyboard_arrow_up

Where can I find my TBO Plus Program Summary? keyboard_arrow_up

Do I have to pay any other charges for redeeming my reward points for tickets and hotel bookings? keyboard_arrow_up

I have requested for an offline redemption of my points before TBO+ was launched. What will happen to my existing reward points? keyboard_arrow_up